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Inside our shop.

Inside our shop.


Our Journey

Architectural Salvage has been providing original and reproduction architectural antiques and elements to designers, builders, collectors, home-owners, and curious creatives since 1985. With 24,000 square feet and four architectural salvage yards in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, we offer thousands of unique, unusual, and hard-to-find home decor items to a national clientele. You will find evidence of our one-of-a-kind treasures in distinctive homes, memorable restaurants, innovative corporate environments, and elegant gardens. 

From our large inventory of antique light fixtures, mantels, entryways, and backbars, you can choose from a constant stock of unusual items. We specialize in reproduction mahogany entryways with leaded glass, but also offer a diverse assortment of architectural antiques including pool tables, antique door hardware, sinks and plumbing fixtures, stained glass, armoires, pedestals, statuary, ceramics and pottery, chimney tops, chairs, tables, stonework, weathervanes, ironwork, and much more. Unique architectural garden antiques and yard items such as terra cotta, iron gates, fountains, and outdoor furnishings are also available. 


Meet the owner

Jordan Michelson with the incredible help of Joe has run this business as a family since 1985. Jordan began the company from his love of architecture. To this day, he still travels the world to bring one-of-a-kind finds to your home.

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Owner, Jordan Michelson, in the shop.

Owner, Jordan Michelson, in the shop.


How we buy

We buy from various sources including salvage buildings, estates, markets in the United States and abroad, auctions, demolition contractors, and many more to bring you the most unique pieces.

On our trips abroad, we buy containers"* full of marvelous pieces. We find these pieces at markets, other pickers and shops, and inside intel from various sources on the ground. Before we buy anything, we check it to ensure you are getting the quality from a salvaged piece.

Some of our favorite places to buy include France, Spain, Italy, England, and Germany. We have found that European countries have inspiring pieces.

*The website features only a small sampling of our extensive collection of architecturals. Please call us or visit us in store if you’d like to explore additional novel items we carry.