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Lights/Chandeliers , Floor Lamps, Table Lamps
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1880 Converted Chandelier Original Shades
Fantastic brass antique 1880 gas converted to electric chandelier with original shades. Drop is 30 inches and width is 22 inches.
Price:   $395.00    Sale Price: $350.00

Item #48
1920 Metal Church Lights
Typical antique (circa 1920)metal church lights with white milk glass inserts. Small 24" tall and 10" wide. Large 36" tall and 14" wide. Price is for a single.
Price:   $250.00    Sale Price: $225.00

Item #9909
Antique Gas Converted to Electric Brass Light
Really exquisite antique (circa 1880) gas brass light converted to electric with original swirl blue and cream/clear shades. Drop: 46 inches Width: 27 inches.
Price:   $1,495.00

Item #707
Art Deco American Light with Original Shades
Excellent antique (1925) Art Deco American light with original shades. Needs to be rewired. Light is 12 inches tall with an adjustable chain drop. 18" wide.
Price:   $795.00

Item #93
Art Deco White Globes with Color Highlights
Wonderful antique circa 1930 Art Deco hanging white globes with original color highlights. Adjustable drop. Globes are about 10" diameter canopy is about 4" tall. Price is for the pair but will sell as a single. Single is $195.00.
Price:   $390.00

Item #344
Art-Nouveau French with Grapes
Very fine antique French (Circa 1910) Art-Nouveau light with grape motif and all original signed shades. Signed Schneider. Drop 41 1/2 inches. Width 34 inches
Price:   $3,500.00

Item #254
Blue Glass Shade with Chrome Fitter
Circa 1920 blue glass shade with chain holders in a new chrome fitter (new wiring). Lots of charm in this small fixture. Approximately 10 inch drop, 11 inches wide. We can sell the fitters separately, either polished brass or chrome. We do have other shades in clears, off white, pinks and peaches.
Price:   $115.00

Item #9
Cylinder Lights with White Opal Glass
One of several copper colored antique lights (circa 1930) with cylinder white opal glass center. 29" drop and 14" wide.
Price:   $250.00    Sale Price: $225.00

Item #1500
Exceptional 1880 French Figural Motif Light
Exceptional antique (circa 1880) French bronze chandelier with figural motif and all original etched and wheel cut shades. In excellent original finish but needs to be rewired. 52 inch drop and 34 " wide.
Price:   $3,850.00    Sale Price: $3,495.00

Item #6547
Forged Iron Light
Excellent antique (1900) forged iron light with original swirl blue/cream/clear cylinder shade. 28" drop 12" width.
Price:   $595.00

Item #78
French Bronze Filigree Chandelier
Quaint antique (Circa 1900) French bronze filigree chandelier with original hand cut center globe. Needs to be rewired. 29 inch drop and 14 inches wide.
Price:   $895.00    Sale Price: $750.00

Item #0913
Gothic Bronze Light Fixtures
Fabulous pair of antique (circa 1900) Gothic bronze flush mount light fixtures with curved clear obscure glass. Need to be rewired. 21" tall or drop...15" wide. Price for a single is $895.00
Price:   $1,790.00

Item #4344
Pink Shades With Iron French Fixture
Original antique (circa 1920) French iron pink globe fixture. Needs to be rewired. Drop 28 inches. Width 21 inches.
Price:   $1,195.00    Sale Price: $995.00

Item #222
Quaint Lead and Brass Desk Lamp
Antique (circa 1920) lead and brass small desk lamp refinished and rewired 11 inches tall on a 6" base.
Price:   $195.00    Sale Price: $145.00

Item #321
Very Fine Art Deco Light
Antique (circa 1930) French Art Deco light with all original shades. To be rewired. 25 inch drop, 24 inch wide.
Price:   $1,395.00    Sale Price: $1,250.00

Item #3427